September 30th, 2005

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Returning from Hiatus

Good news! cloisicontest is returning from hiatus! With the new episode of Smallville this week, this community is getting back into the swing of things. I'll be issuing the new challenge on Sunday, so start honing those skills and get ready to make some great Clois icons.

In addition to starting things back up, I am also making a small change to the focus of this community. Instead of being an icon contest exclusively for Smallville's Clois, I am broadening it to include Clark and Lois in all live-action media. This will focus primarily on Smallville, Lois & Clark, and the new movie due out next year, but I may also include the Christopher Reeve movies and the original George Reeves show from time to time.

I am hoping that this change will bring in more interest from icon makers who enjoy incarnations other than Smallville, which will in turn give us more great entries to vote on. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please let me know and I will do my best to address them.

Thanks for everyone who has participated in the past, and thanks for waiting so patiently for me to get this community going again. I plan on making every effort to make this a very active community, and I hope you all will do the same. Good luck, and happy iconning!!