March 26th, 2006

TV - H50 - Kono beach

Challenge #27

Challenge #27 is Textless Icons. You many use any pics from any incarnation that you like, but there are three special conditions. The first is obviously that the icon cannot contain text of any kind. That includes tiny text. The second is that BOTH Lois AND Clark must be on the icon. The third is that you cannot use the same incarnation for both of your icons. All the other standard rules also apply.

> You may submit TWO entries, but do not use the same incarnation for both of your entries.
> Submit your entries in a comment to this post and state whether or not you'd like a banner if you win.
> Keep your submissions a secret until voting has closed.
> Entries are due Friday, March 31st.

Possible resources:
Follow Tomorrow Gallery
Cap_It Memories

Entries: 6

The voting for Challenge #26 is virtually one big tie, so if you haven't voted yet, please go here and do so ASAP.