June 21st, 2008

TV - H50 - Kono beach

Welcome New Mods // Challenge #30 Extention

We have two new mods for this community! Please welcome januaried and yellowdartvader. They'll be posting future challenges for you.

Also, since we still only have six entries for this week's challenge, I'm extending it. I'll wait till tonight to post the voting, but if we don't get a few more icons by then I'll extend it to next week.

januaried will be posting next week's challenge, assuming we get enough entries. Enter the challenge here.
TV - H50 - Kono beach

Challenge #30 Voting

We got a few more entries today so we can vote this week. Thanks to everyone who entered!

--> Comment with the number that corresponds to the top three icons you'd like to vote for IN ORDER of first, second, and third place.

--> After each icon number, state why you are voting for it. The reason doesn't have to be long or fancy, just whatever made you decide to vote for that icon.


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Voting will last till Monday afternoon, but januaried will post a new challenge tomorrow.