October 29th, 2008

six string samurai

Challenge #35 Voting (Second Attempt)

So, since practically every category we have is tied, I'm going to take starrylites's suggestion (thanks!) and use a poll for voting. This means you don't have to write any reasons out and it will take about two seconds, so there's really no excuse for you not to vote. Please, just take two seconds and fill out the poll. *puppy dog eyes*

The previous votes will not be counted; all participants pimped this round, so each person will get one point added to whichever icon of theirs has the most votes.

  • Do not vote for yourself.
  • Do not have others vote for you.
  • Do not sign in under another username to vote for yourself.
  • Pick the three icons you thought were best overall and the one icon you think shows the best cropping.
  • Voting will end on Thursday (or Wednesday if we get enough votes).

  • Collapse )

    Thanks to everyone who entered!