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Challenge #31

*waves shyly* Hi everybody! One of two new co-mods here. I'm hoping to see lots more activity here, and maybe a bit more Reeveverse, of course! (Don't worry, I won't be giving exclusively Reeveverse challenges - just have to indulge my obsession once in a while. XD) Also - please go and vote in Challenge #30!

This week's challenge is six caps from the Donner Cut of Superman II. Standard rules apply, but this week you may submit up to FOUR icons.

  • Use only the pictures linked here.
  • You may submit up to FOUR entries.
  • Submit your entries in a comment to this post, stating whether or not you'd like a banner if you win.
  • Keep your submissions a secret until voting has closed.
  • Entries are due Friday, June 27th.

  • Click on these pictures to get the large versions.

    Participants: 4   &   Entries: 11
    Tags: challenge
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