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Cloisicontest Challenge #39

Administrative stuff first: Challenges will now be posted every week again, assuming I don't have any more pressing RL business.

This week's challenge is undercover Clois, thanks to kassandrajones. You can interpret this however you want - Clois dressing up to go undercover on the job in LNC, Clark going undercover as Superman, Superman going undercover as Clark, honeymooners!Clois in Superman II, just a picture of The Glasses - or whatever.

If you have ideas for future challenges, please sumbit them in a comment here. :)

  • You may use any pictures from any incarnation of Clois as long as it keeps to the theme.
  • You may submit up to FOUR entries.
  • Submit your entries in a comment to this post.
  • Keep your submissions a secret until voting has closed.
  • Entries are due Sunday, March 1, 2009.
  • If you pimp the community, post with your icons the link to that entry; pimping helps you out in the voting.

  • Participants: 5   &   Entries: 17

    Tags: challenge

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