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Cloisicontest challenge #40 voting

HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. I can't believe how many participants we have this round! *sweeps you all up into a huge hug* I guess we need to have more icon base challenges! :D

  • Do not vote for yourself or have others vote for you.
  • Do not sign in under another username to vote for yourself.
  • Pick the three icons you thought were best overall, the most original icon, and the best crop icon.
  • Voting will end on Tuesday or when we have enough votes to declare a winner.

  •     01     02     03     04
        05     06     07     08
        09     10     11     12
        13     14     15     16
        17     18     19     20
        21     22     23     24

    Poll #1365750 Cloisicontest #40 Voting

    Which three icons are the best? [choose first, second, third]

    Which icon is the most original? [choose one]

    Which icon has the best crop? [choose one]

    Thanks to all who entered! :D
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